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We can’t help but get excited when some of our favorite websites (that we read obsessively if we’re being honest) give us a little love in their beauty and skincare round-ups, and recently our pals at showed Conture some love by featuring our product.

The post, titled “How To Indulge In Your Worst Vices & Still Have Good Skin” talks about all the things we do that damage our skin. Things like drinking, smoking, staying up way past our bedtime and in general, thinking our skin and our body will just bounce back like it always has.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll feel like a million bucks or reverse all the signs of smoking or late night partying just by using Conture, we can tell you that you will notice a drastic difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Using certain products and being proactive in your anti-aging skincare regime will do wonders for you years down the road – you’ll thank us later (or maybe even in a few days, trust us!).

Here’s what they had to say about the 3-Speed Conture Skin Toning Device: For restoring radiance to tired, aging skin with an intensive treatment that’s still painless and non-invasive, Dr. Engelman swears by this at-home device, which stimulates and tones the skin as well as a professional in-office procedure. “It works by isometric compression to help tone the skin,” she explains, “like exercise for the face, neck, and décolletage.”

To read the entire post along with some other great products, copy and paste this URL into your browser and enjoy: 

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