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One of our favorite websites,, recently posted a review on our Conture Skin Enhancing System, and we are blushing, majorly.

Freelance beauty writer, Rachel Adler, shared her anti-aging woes and decided to try out our Conture System in her article, “I Suctioned My Face For Better Skin.” She opted for this in lieu of some of the pain-inducing lasers, treatments and super expensive products and procedures on the market today.

Rachel read our claims (clinically shown to deliver younger looking, glowing, healthy skin without invasive treatments), saw our before and after photos and decided to test it out for herself.

Spoiler alert: She loved it. She gushed about it. She even travels with it.

“Think of it as a workout for your face,” she says. “Unlike a sweaty session on the elliptical, however, this tool is pretty effortless and user-friendly.”

Not only did she test out the system and products for herself, like a good writer, she did her research. She spoke with multiple dermatologists and professionals to make sure her “enthusiasm wasn’t entirely misplaced,” and it wasn’t.

Rachel made us blush most of all with this final insight: “In all honesty, I’ve never found a product that instantly brightens my skin the way this one does (I discovered that it also helps lotions, serums, and creams absorb better, resulting in an even healthier flush).” Her article goes on to share her experiences like powering through airport security (she wasn’t going to miss the twice-daily routine she fell in love with) and other observations.

Women, just like Rachel, everywhere are finding out how easy and impactful Conture has been to use and implement into their beauty routines. Read more results from real women, here.

We love hearing reviews and insights on our products; what are some observations you’ve made using Conture?

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