Refresh Throughout the Day Feature 01.31.17

How to Stay Refreshed Throughout the Day

One of the greatest feelings in the world is refreshed, especially at the end of a long day. While we would love to always freshen up with a nap or a shower, neither is very appropriate for a work environment. So, how do we freshen up when we’re feeling a little frazzled?

Making a quick trip to the ladies room can instantly impact how you’re feeling mentally and physically. Take your makeup bag and powder your nose, reapply your lipstick or darken your eyeliner. A little touch-up will go a long way.

Take a walk
When projects are piling up, deadlines are looming and your social graces are gone, a quick walk outside will work wonders. The light exercise will calm you down, and burn some calories, while the vitamin D and fresh air will boost your mood and restore your energy.

Refresh Throughout the Day 01.31.17Have a drink
Stepping away from your computer to get a cold glass of water or a nurturing cup of coffee will give your eyes and mind a break, while making you feel good, so you can return to your work later with a fresh perspective.

Spritz a little
Nothing will instantly freshen and rejuvenate you quite like a spritz of an energizing mist. Our new line of Kinetic Mists cover everything from hydrating your skin to instantly calming redness to giving you a refreshing jolt of energy. Releasing next week, these will be an absolute must for any working woman’s handbag.

What do you do to refresh yourself throughout the day?

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