Woman has radiant skin after using conture

How to Achieve Radiant Skin

The age-old question — no pun intended — that every woman wants to know: how do you achieve radiant-looking skin? It’s really a lot easier (and definitely cheaper) than you think.

Just follow these simple steps to ensure your skin glows as bright and radiant as it did 20 years ago.

Exfoliate – set a reminder on your phone if you have to, but it’s key to vibrant and glowing skin. As we blogged about a few months ago, exfoliating is a huge key to ultimate skincare. The most vital function is that it removes dead skin, which is the main culprit in dull-looking skin, but it also reduces discoloration and pigmentation along with fine lines and wrinkles. No one wants dull and discolored skin, right? Exfoliating also speeds up skin cell renewal, which means you’ll get that fresh new, bright skin faster.

Drink lots of water. Especially during the holidays, or flu season, or when you’re on tight deadlines at work and working extra-long hours. During those times, it’s important to drink more water than you think you need to. It will do wonders for your overall health and most definitely your skin. At the minimum, you should drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. (So, if you weigh 120 pounds, you should drink 60 ounces of water.) Ideally, though, you should drink a gallon of water, or 128 ounces, every day. It sounds like a lot, but you’ll eventually get used to it. And, your skin — and the rest of your body — will thank you.

Woman's Skin Glows after using Conture

Take your makeup off, every single night. Even those nights when you are too tired to breathe take a few minutes and remove your makeup. Otherwise it will dull your skin and cause breakouts, which is the opposite of radiant-looking skin. If you’re too tired to go through the sometimes lengthy de-makeup routine, just invest in some makeup remover wipes. A couple of swipes and your skin is clean and ready for bed!

Add moisturizer or a crème every morning and every night. A good night crème will help your skin recover while you sleep, actively working to moisturize and repair the day’s damage. For a morning moisturizer, you’ll want something light that will hydrate your skin without making it feel or look greasy. Our Kinetic AM Ignition Lotion fits the bill, reduces the signs of aging and is perfect for all skin types.

Add Conture to your current beauty regime. Just once or twice a day (15 minutes tops each time), implement the breakthrough anti-aging device into your beauty routine. Conture uses a unique combination of Isometric Compression that gently lifts and releases skin while Low Frequency Vibrations stimulate skin, so it’s not painful or invasive and easy to use at home, without the cost and hassle of a med spa.

Radiant-looking skin really is that simple to achieve. Your skin is an organ, and just as you monitor your other organs (like your heart or liver), keeping an eye on it and making sure you are taking care of yourself – even with something as simple as water intake – is key to keeping your skin remaining beautiful and young-looking.

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