Conture Review on Bustle: Weird Electronic Beauty Devices

If we’re being honest, we simply love beauty websites. (Ok, if we’re being totally honest, we also love gossip websites, but that’s neither here nor there.) Many of them, if written and researched correctly take all the guesswork out of new skincare products or regimes and is one we read regularly.

So imagine our (giddy) surprise when we were featured in their recent piece, “9 New, Weird Electronic Beauty Devices Worth Trying.”

The author, Danielle Guercio, points out that innovation and design are seeping into every aspect of our world. “It’s no shocker that the beauty world is experiencing an electronic Renaissance,” she says talking about the multibillion industry that makes up the beauty industry.

As much as some of us want to resist technology, whether it’s the newest smartphone or a one-pot cooker that can cook 10 different things with one setting, most of the technology out there has been created to help make life easier. And for Conture users, that means making your face look fresher and help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What’s not to love about that?

Here’s what Guercio had to say about Conture:

This weird looking thing is basically a mini face vacuum that’s meant to help increase circulation and build collagen. There’s every manner of pincher, needler, or roller to help pester the skin into producing more of the plumping compounds, but electronic ones do this without discomfort for the most part.

Conture is a unique device that uses a suction action to cause the skin to react. It’s hard to remember to do this frequently, but whenever I did it my face was really plumped after. The site claims that the main benefit to using the tool is improvements in “radiance and luminosity,” which I can certainly get behind.

To read the entire post and check out the other electronic beauty devices the article mentioned, copy and paste this URL into your browser:

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