Conture Blogger Review: See Want Wear

Recently Melissa of the popular lifestyle blog See/Want/Wear took some time to check out the Conture device and line. Melissa is a fun and friendly blogger in Massachusetts and although fashion is a huge focus of hers, she also dedicates a lot of her blog to beauty hacks and anti-aging treatments, which is why she was so excited to check out Conture.

Melissa tried the 3-Speed Conture Skin Toning Device, which is a revolutionary anti-aging beauty device that tones skin to restore radiance and firmness to the three main areas: décolleté, eye area, forehead and everything in between.

“I’m all about taking a proactive approach to anti-aging, so when I received the opportunity to try the Conture Skin Toning System, I was intrigued. I’ve been fully on board with anti-aging creams, oils and serums for years, but haven’t jumped on the ‘injectable’ train yet and I was excited to try something new and non-invasive in the comfort of my own home,” she shares in her post.

Like most people who try Conture, Melissa is already impressed with the results after just a few days. “I’m loving the way my skin looks after just a few days of using the Conture Skin Toning System & coordinating Conture skincare. Although I already feel like my skin looks brighter after only a weekend of Conture treatments, the brand recommends using the device for a full eight weeks to see optimal results. So far, the Conture feels like a good investment without a major commitment, but I’ll be tracking my results and sharing a full review with you in a couple of months,” she shares.

To see Melissa’s full post and other fun facts she learned about Conture and the rest of the anti-aging skincare line, copy and paste this URL into your browser and read her entire write-up:

We can’t wait to hear more results Melissa – thanks for sharing!

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