Conture Blogger Review: Atsuna Matsui

Atsuna is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger based out of beautiful Los Angeles, and she’s always sharing trends, specials and promotions and a lot of other great advice. Over the past 30 days she’s put the Conture 3-Speed Skin Toning Device to the test and here’s what she recently shared with her readers in her popular blog

Atsuna says in her post that she doesn’t have too many noticeable wrinkles on her face, so she was excited to use the Conture system as a preventative anti-aging method to help them stay far, far away.

One of the great things with using the 3-Speed Device is that it has a treatment head and setting that are specifically meant to work on your neck area, which is where Atsuna saw some visible improvements in just 30 days of using the device and the serums.

Here’s what she had to say: “As for my neck, I have had two very noticeable deep wrinkle lines since birth that have gotten worse over the years. Up until last year, I basically never applied sunscreen nor skincare on my neck and that was a huge mistake I made. Treating your neck is just as important as treating your face since your neck is also exposed to as much UV rays as your face when you’re outdoors. Now, I’m doing everything I can to repair my neck area to reverse the signs of aging and I apply sunscreen religiously.


“I definitely have noticed some improvements after using my Conture device in conjunction with the Conture serums and crème that were provided with the kit. The dark pigment that accompanied the two deep wrinkle lines on my neck has lightened after just 30 days of use. The Conture Kinetic Treatment Serum, Ignition Lotion, and Recovery Crème all contain retinoid, which increases your cell turnover and boosts your collagen production, giving you a more even, beautiful skin tone.”

She’s going to share one more update with her readers after using the anti-aging device and serums for a total of 60-days, so stay tuned for more info.

To read Atsuna’s entire post and see some amazing before and after pictures, copy and paste this URL into your browser:

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